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  • Chain Link Fence

    Chain Link Fence

    If you are looking for added security around your home or simply need to keep a new puppy in your yard, chain link is an excellent option. Heights range from 3’-6’ tall and gates are custom built for whatever your needs may be. We can build pedestrian walk through gates and vehicle gates (double swing or rolling). Whether you have a 5 acre parcel or a 10’ dog run, we can handle it. Chain link is often the most practical and affordable permanent fence available. We also install multiple types of fence that will pass pool code; 1 1/4" chain link, privacy chain link, & privacy vinyl all pass pool code.

    Click here for "Chain Link Gates 101"

  • Privacy Chain Link

    Privacy Chain Link

    Privacy Chain Link is the best way to go if you are seeking privacy in your yard from neighbors or street traffic.  In comparison to wood or solid vinyl, privacy chain link will last many years longer and is often times less expensive and requires ZERO maintenance as well.  With a variety of color options available, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.  Colors available: Dark Brown, Dark Green, Redwood Tone, Tan, Grey, White.  Privacy chain link also passes pool inspection being considered a non climb fence.  

  • Ranch Style Vinyl

    Ranch Style Vinyl

    Ranch Style Vinyl Fence will give your yard and house a country feel with excellent eye appeal at a reasonable price, if you don’t need a fence to keep animals in or out this is the fence for you. It is more along the lines of decorative purposes opposed to security needs; nonetheless it gives great curb appeal and enhances the look of your property. Weather you want a simple 2-rail look for your front yard or have 2.5 acres and want 3-rail to highlight your entire property we have it.

  • Commercial Fence

    Commercial Fence

    Over the past 30 years we have done work nearly everywhere in the Hi Desert from local businesses to practically every school and most parks as well.  From back stops to barbed wire we do it all.  With our popularity and great work we are the business of choice when it comes to fencing.  Weather outdoors or inside buildings, in asphalt or coring through concrete we do it all.   

  • Gate Installation

    Gate Installation

    We offer a wide range of chain link and privacy chain link gates.  We custom make all our gates in our 5,000 sq ft building to ensure proper fit and over all look.  All our gates are cut, notched and welded.  We can build anything from 4’ walk through pedestrian gates, 12’ double swing gates, 20’ rolling gates, and every size in between.  Double swing gates are often times less expensive than that of a rolling gate equivalent in size.  Double swings are great if you need vehicle access but may not use it that frequent.  If ground quality is hard and smooth, then rolling gates are perfect for your main vehicle opening that will get used on a daily basis.  If you have a driveway larger than 22' we can install 2 rollilng gates that meet in the middle of the opening, or if you want 1 single rolling gate for you extra wide driveway a "pinch roller gate" could be the best option if you have plenty of level ground to work with.  

    Click here for "Chain Link Gates 101"

  • Fence Parts & Repair

    Parts & Repair

    At our Hesperia, CA location, we stock a full assortment of chain link mesh, posts, top rail, fittings and select gate types. Weather you need a new drop rod for your double swing gate, or new steel wheels for a rolling gate, we have it in stock. If you have anything that needs repair from water damage, vehicle collision, theft, vandalism, and/or wear & tear, we can service your fence.  We also offer discounts for large quantities and complete jobs for do it yourself customers.  Depending on the size of the repair, some repairs we can set the posts and stretch the wire in the same day using quick setting cement.  Any fence material we install we also sell straight to the public, come in today!

Why Choose Us?

Here at All American Fence Erectors, we have an organized, professional business that offers the highest quality products with unmatched customer service and precision installations. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured. We run our business by the books and don’t take any shortcuts to help protect you, the customer; click here for Certifications and Licenses. We are dedicated to serving the entire High Desert with great work at a low price!

What We Do

We install, sell, and repair all types of Chain Link, Privacy Chain Link and Ranch Style Vinyl Fences. From Residential to Commercial, we are ready!

How We Do It

With the LARGEST in stock inventory in the High Desert, we make the price low and the customer service high. Our 5,000 sq ft building is the forefront of our business, which is where you can find us Mon.-Fri. 7:00am-4:30pm.

  • All American Fence Erectors 

All American Fence Erectors

All American Fence Erectors is a family owned and operated business. We started our fence installation business in Hesperia, California in 1985. Since then, we have moved (in 1990) to our 5000 sq ft. commercial building where we manufacture, sell and install all types of fencing parts, materials and services. We have a HUGE inventory on site for all your fencing needs. We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured. We run our business by the books and don't take any shortcuts to help protect you, the customer; click here for Certifications and Licenses. While many can say they have multiple years of 'experience' in the line of work, we on the other hand, have proven ourselves to the entire Hi-Desert for the past 27 YEARS with our commitment to serve you!